Saturday, March 9, 2013


Hello everyone,

I have been a little side-tracked trying to decide how I wanted to structure my blog, whether I wanted to post things about fashion, then beauty, then health? I was beginning to over-think it all when I decided that this was my blog and I could just post things as they popped in my mind, hope you don't mind!

I just got home from Disneyland a couple of hours ago and after resting on the couch catching up on Grimm on my DVR I worked up the energy to write about how it went today. The trip was great! I am a Disneyland Annual Passholder so I am fortunate enough to visit the park quite often (as time permits). It was freezing cold today but even a little bit of rain wasn't enough to stop me from my Friday night adventure. I was on a mission to finally pick up this Disney Dooney & Bourke purse I have been meaning to purchase, and I finally bought it!!

This beautiful handbag caught my eye from the moment I saw it! It is so comfortable to wear, it also comes with a shoulder strap to carry it over the shoulder for when your hands are occupied holding shopping bags! 
This is my first  Dooney & Bourke purse so I am excited to add this Dooney to my collection of handbags. This bag was about $250 for anyone who is interested in buying themselves one and it is available in both Disneyland and California Adventure as well as Downtown Disney. I bought mine at one of the shops on Mainstreet USA inside of Disneyland. I'm excited to continue using it and I will keep you updated on how convenient/easy to wear it is. I was so excited to share the newest addition to my collection :) 

I also took a picture of this Jack Skellington tank that was also inside of a shop located on Mainstreet USA inside of Disneyland, I might pick this up next time I visit. What do you guys think? 

Since we've started the topic about handbags, my next post will be showcasing the handbags I have and also the ones that are trending! Be sure to comment on anything you would like me to post about or any questions! 

Lots of love,


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