Friday, March 29, 2013

Spring Designer Shoes

While I was looking through Bergdorf Goodman's website I came across the newest designer shoes for the spring. Spring is around the corner and will be here before we know it so we've got to prepare our wardrobes before we're caught off guard! I don't personally buy very expensive shoes to wear as an "everyday pair" but I do like to pick up a designer pair at least once for spring and one for winter. I took a couple screenshots from the website to show you guys the pairs that I like the most. 


I took a Greek and Roman art history class when I was in college and as soon as I saw this it reminded me of Greek mythology! I love the golden wings on this pair and the heel is gorgeous as well. I would love to buy these, the only thing that I don't like is that this is one of those pairs that people can tell if you've already worn them before; I don't think anyone will mind looking at these beauties twice!!


This pair is wild! I love everything about it. The studs have been in for a while, and I love how MANY are on this shoe. It draws so much attention and the heel has a unique curvature. It almost reminds me of a spider-web. Pink will be performing at the Staples Center in October, I think I'll wear these to her concert! 


You can never go wrong with Gucci! One of my all-time favorite brands. This shoe speaks for itself. I love the spring hue that it has with the traditional gold accent. I would love to add this pair to my collection.


This exquisite pair is more reserved but with a kick of flair with the gold feature on the top. I love how chunky the gold strap is because it adds fun to the black shoe but I love that the gold is matte, if it were shiny it would give off a different vibe. I would pair this shoe with a little black dress, the perfect outfit for a charity event or an evening art show.


This gorgeous pair is a go-to for your evening look. The black straps mid-foot draw attention to the shoes as well as offer more support for women like me who have a hard time with really high heels! Gold is in right now, and it makes this pair really fancy, perfect for dinner in Beverly Hills!


This pair is the best color for the spring! The yellow adds a pop of fun to any outfit. I would wear this more for a family barbecue, or a day at the museum or a day full of shopping. I love the yellow, very playful!


This shoe is made of python and is absolutely gorgeous. This can look super sexy for a lunch date and can be dressed up with a black top and black leggings to turn it into a night time pair of shoes. This is a kind of shoe that I love because it's the focal point of an outfit, so you don't have to worry too much about what top or pants you choose. 


This pair of Loubs are made of python as well. However with the color of this pair, it is a lot easier to transition from spring to winter. Whereas with the pink and yellow pair, you find yourself limited to warmer weather. This color is more subdued, so I would pair this with tight jeans and a plain black fitted top with either chunky jewelry or a fancy bright clutch or handbag. Nonetheless, it's always a good day to wear some Louboutins :)

All of these pairs can be bought at
Which pairs do you guys like the most? Comment and thanks for reading!

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