Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Divine Design

Even though I've just come back from my vacation from Las Vegas, I already miss it and wish to go back! This is one picture that I forgot to put onto my blog and my Instagram. The title of this blog is Divine Design because while I was in Vegas I got lots of great design ideas for my future apartment that I am so eager to design. It is never too early to get ideas together for how you want your place to look therefore I took lots of pictures of things I want my own little place to look like :) The picture above of the Las Vegas strip is a picture that I took myself. I want to print this picture and put it in a frame to display in my home. I want to surround myself of images of places I have been to or desire to visit someday and this picture will certainly be one of them! 

I got to visit the mall along the Las Vegas strip named the Fashion Show mall where fashion shows are done twice a week displaying the latest trends. The stores at this mall include Nordstrom (one of my favorites) Neiman Marcus and the store where I snapped most of my pictures, Z Gallerie. Z Gallerie is a store that has beautiful home furnishings. Below is a picture of a poster frame that I saw at Z Gallerie that I knew was something I had to have. It displays the major areas of the city of Los Angeles. It is important to me because as a Southern Californian, LA is a staple in your upbringing. I have so many beautiful memories of visiting LA with my family and shopping and dining, especially at night, downtown los angeles is almost magical.                                                                                                    

The following pictures are ones that I would want for my room's color scheme. I love the darker colors, the dark purples and the silvers make a beautiful combination. The darker colors also have the matching  color scheme for the table plates, chargers, cups etc. I feel when your young, your home's design can be as creative as you'd like it to be and this store is definitely creative! I'm torn between the darker shades or the lighter more vibrant ocean colors, they are both so beautiful! 








Which designs are your favorite? Have any other stores like this that I should visit? Thanks for reading! 




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